Whatever one’s opinion of Thursday’s national circus — both parties came off as relatively sympathetic, in my judgement — the typical cast of progressive Twitter personalities were out in force, demanding the all-but-literal spillage of white, male blood.

#BelieveWomen was trending on Twitter well in advance of any exposition of the facts or relevant information. It was Christine Blasey Ford’s sex alone that verified her account and Brett Kavanaugh’s anatomy that likewise doomed him, regardless of evidence.

Author Daniel Mendelsohn gave a characteristic take from Twitter’s insufferable population of self-flagellating white progressives. The emotion palpable in Kavanaugh’s testimony was, according to Mendelson, “an astonishing high-resolution closeup of white male heterosexual privilege at work: the incredulity, the tears, the outrage, the rage that he’s not getting his cookie.”

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