Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison was grilled Friday during a televised debate over allegations of domestic abuse, an issue that has dogged his run for Minnesota attorney general despite drawing scant national coverage.

Republican candidate Doug Wardlow cited the accounts by Amy Alexander and Karen Monahan, both of whom have accused Mr. Ellison of becoming physical after losing his temper, which he has denied.

“I think two credible, strong allegations of domestic abuse is enough,” said Mr. Wardlow, prompting Mr. Ellison to counter, “There’s not two. There’s zero.”

Mr. Ellison said he had to take out a restraining order in 2006 against Ms. Alexander, adding she was ordered to “stop making falsehoods against me and to not contact me at all,” and that Ms. Monahan waited until last month to make her allegations, two years after he broke up with her.

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