Andrew Steele
America 20xy
April 14, 2010

As the pundit who will deliver the goods when it comes to turning Americans against patriots and those who believe in “conspiracy theories” Mark Potack made a stop on the Keith Olbermann show to once again deliver the message that Americans who protest the government are dangerous to society. With the arrest of the federal agent provocateured Hutaree group in Michigan the mainstream press has been quick to seize on the incident and associate with it anyone who resists growing federal power .

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While acknowledging that the vast majority of people in militia groups don’t contemplate murdering police officers (even propaganda has to be a little truthful to have any credibility, so as not to push the limits of the public’s common sense) Olbermann and Potak were quick to discuss “overlap” between the Tea Party movement and groups like the Hutaree in another guilt by association attack.

Using the same person over and over again to deliver the same message, as the TV networks have done with Potak, is not itself evidence that there’s a threat against the government by radicals, but rather that the press is trying to convince the public that there is. Overlooking incidents of leftist violence and focusing on the hypothetical violence of an obscure right leaning group, the aim of the media machine is to scatter opposition to the federal agenda to the winds as, (they hope), members of it distance themselves from each other out of fear of being considered “extremists”.

Keith Olbermann’s popularity rose during the Bush administration as he made a series of long-winded but truthful statements against many of the President’s actions, conveying his perfectly scripted outrage in what was thought at the time by many to be genuine criticism. Since the election of President Obama, Olbermann has turned much of that outrage against those American people who are opposed to growing government power, often infering that those who protest Obama’s policies are simply racists and not motivated by principle. Many of those who protest Obama’s policies do so because they don’t see any difference between his policies and Bush’s. Olbermann has criticized the new president on some occasions, however that criticism has been few and far between.

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