White House counselor Kellyanne Conway ripped pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton as the “Queen of Abortion” during a midterm discussion over the weekend.

“I’ve noticed also that the Democrats aren’t talking as much about abortion this time,” Conway said Sunday on “Fox & Friends.”

“That’s because they tried that for so long with the ‘Queen of Abortion’ in 2016 and it backfired because so many women said, ‘Excuse me, you’ve got to talk to me on all the issues.’”

“Women in the suburbs, for all the talk about them not liking tones, know the difference between what offends them, and what affects them,” she added.

Conway added that women aren’t single-issue voters, and they like the economic numbers President Trump is delivering.

“Women put a lot into their voting consideration, they’re not single-issue voters, we’re not single-issue thinkers,” she said. “We can do the math, we can see the economy—in fact the economy for women has been the best it’s been for decades.”

Earlier this month, Conway also slammed Clinton’s rejection of political civility should Democrats lose the midterms.

“Usually, when she opens her mouth, respectfully, she offends at least one half of the country, and she did it again,” Conway said. “But I think her discourse sounds a little bit dangerous. I don’t like the implications there.”

“It’s one thing to call us deplorable, irredeemable, laugh at people who don’t have all the privileges that she has had with her Ivy League law degree and through her marriage to a much more popular man who actually was a two-term president that she’ll never be.”


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