Amid news the Boston Globe is leading a 100-newspaper crusade against President Trump over his criticism of the corporate media, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said the “virulently anti-Trump” media demonizes the president every day.

“You’ve got Marc Caputo from Politico last week in Tampa saying, calling the Trump supporters, quote, ‘garbage people,’ and saying if you line them all up next to each other, they’d have a full set of teeth,” Conway told Martha McCallum on Fox News Sunday.

“That’s the modern state of journalism. I’m sure you, as a responsible and respected reporter, would object to that.”

“So, look, they’re trying to erase this presidency, he’s a democratically elected president, a very successful one at that,” she continued. “But many of them are in a dying industry that unlike the Trump corporation is not very profitable.”

Conway then claimed, in an obvious dig against CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta, that many pundits are trying to make themselves the story instead of the issues.

“And I think that the press, many of them, are trying to get the president instead of get the story. Many of them as you well know are trying to become the story. It increases their speaking fees. They get to go on late night TV and make fun of the president and everybody around him,” she said.

Additionally, Conway pointed out that the Fake News media is creating a hostile cultural environment in light of hiring racists like Sarah Jeong.

“That is not journalism, and I don’t know how people can feel that the modern reporting and journalism industry includes people like this new Sarah Jeong that was hired by The New York Times who she wonders how quickly white people can burn, cancel white people, makes fun of white men.”

Trump last week decried the Fake News for refusing to cover the “lies and corruption” related to the phony Russia investigation.

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