Top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway says that the establishment’s reports of Russian interference is just more gibberish by “election deniers.”

“It’s always something other than Hillary Clinton’s fault as to why she lost,” Conway said on CBS This Morning on Monday. “We’re just surrounded by election deniers.”

When pressed if President-elect Trump trusts the intelligence community, Conway replied that he does, but believes that the issue has been politicized, evidenced by the FBI’s recent disagreement with the CIA’s findings.

“What he believes is that we should have evidence, not these off-the-record unsourced quotes and leaks from a House Intelligence Committee, where now you have the FBI arguing with the CIA over it,” Conway said. “There is no clarity between them, we don’t have a single sourced person on the record.”

Democrats and the mainstream media first tried to place blame on FBI Director James Comey, then tried to tie Trump’s movement to online white supremacists, and now they’re moving on to the Russian interference angle, said Conway.

“In fairness to the President-elect, people are trying to conflate that now to revisit the election results,” she said. “We’re not going to allow people to insinuate, or indeed insult a President-elect and the tremendous victory that he had.”

“We don’t want foreign interference in our intelligence and our politics,” Conway continued. “But we also don’t want politics to interfere with our intelligence, and that’s what’s happening right now. Tremendous politicization here.”

Conway then referred to a Newsweek article posted Sunday detailing the CIA’s uncertainty behind the Russian hack allegations, citing a senior FBI official who called the intelligence “fuzzy” and “ambiguous.”

CBS host Norah McDonnell cut in: “But it could also be true.”

“It could be, but we don’t know that, and that’s his entire point,” Conway replied.

As we’ve reported, the establishment is hell-bent on derailing a Trump presidency by any means, and are now intensifying their assault on alternative media and the free press by inverting reality, calling our reporting “fake news” while they peddle laughable and easily debunked fake news themselves.

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