Kurt Nimmo
March 4, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry has signaled that the global elite are ready to up the ante in Syria and Iran. On Monday, following meetings in Saudi Arabia, Kerry and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told reporters at a news conference the United States and the Saudi kingdom will work together to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

Moaz al-Khatib, the boss of an increasingly marginalized National Coalition for Opposition Forces and the Syrian Revolution, lectures Kerry after receiving $60 million in globalist booty.

“The United States will continue to work with our friends to empower the Syrian opposition to hopefully be able to bring about a peaceful resolution, but if not, to increase pressure on Assad,” Kerry said.

Kerry also attended a meeting held in Kazakhstan of the so-called P5+1 and Iranian officials where Iran’s nuclear program was discussed. During high-level session, the Secretary of State issued a veiled threat to the Iranians.

Last week Kerry said the United States will provide “non-lethal assistance” to al-Qaeda in Syria. Britain and France, two trusted players in the globalist effort to change the political landscape of the Middle East, are expected to soon announce they will provide what the establishment media describes as “defensive military equipment” to the Free Syrian Army, the mercenary paramilitary force dominated by al-Qaeda.

Kerry’s announcement is a moot point – the CIA, through its Turkish intermediary and the British and U.S. intelligence asset the Muslim Brotherhood, have provided al-Qaeda with automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and antitank weapons paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in their effort to unseat the Shia regime in Damascus.The CIA has refused to comment on its aid to the FSA and al-Qaeda. According to FSA commander Abdel al-Salam Tabsah, the al-Nusra Front (an al-Qaeda affiliate) receives financial and logistical support from more “democratic” elements within the paramilitary coalition are denied.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the al-Nusra Front consists of al-Qaeda in Iraq members. It is widely considered the best trained and most ruthless of the Syrian rebels. In January, 2010, the State Department admitted the presence of al-Qaeda in Syria. In order to maintain the illusion that the U.S. opposes the presence of al-Qaeda in Syria, in December the State Department blacklisted the jihadist rebel group as a foreign terror organization linked to al- Qaeda in Iraq.

Al-Nusra has carried out a number of suicide bombings targeting the Syrian government and civilians. In March, 2010, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said the attacks “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda-like attack.” He also said “so we believe al-Qaeda in Iraq is extending its reach into Syria.” Al-Nusra is also responsible for murdering journalists, attacking a television station in the town of Drousha, and has vowed to take down commercial aircraft over Syria.

John Kerry is a trusted globalist asset. He is a top-level Council on Foreign Relation operative and a Skull and Bones member who is part of the Boston Brahmin Forbes family that has historically intermarried with ruling elite families like the Winthrops, Lowells, Cabots, and Emersons.

His predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had famously paid tribute to the CFR and acknowledged that the State Department takes direct orders from the globalist organization.

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