Secretary of State John Kerry today applauded “globalization” and the 6-percent annual economic growth rate in Bangladesh.

“You’re growing at 6 percent a year here in Bangladesh,” Kerry said in remarks at the U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka.

He also noted in a press availability at the Edward M. Kennedy Center in Dhaka that “America is now Bangladesh’s largest trading partner, largest export market, and a primary source of foreign direct investment.”

In 2015, Bangladesh’s Gross Domestic Product grew at 6.6 percent, according to the World Bank. That was more than twice the 2.6 percent GDP growth the United States saw in 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic analysis. (The last time the GDP grew by more than 6 percent in the United States was 1984, when it grew by 7.3 percent, according to BEA.)

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