US top diplomat John Kerry on Monday said he would urge his Iranian counterpart to help ease the violence in Yemen, warning the country’s future should not be decided by “external parties.”

Kerry was due to meet later with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as negotiations on a nuclear deal move into a final phase.

While Kerry stressed that the main thrust of their talks in New York would be on the deal, and a looming June 30 deadline for a comprehensive treaty, he said he was “confident that Yemen will be mentioned certainly, because Iran is obviously a supportive party to the Houthis.”

A coalition of Arab states vowed Monday to coordinate political and military efforts to restore order in Yemen as Saudi-led warplanes launched new air strikes on Shiite Huthi rebels.

The UN Security Council also went into closed-door consultations on the crisis in Yemen and to hear former envoy Jamal Benomar give a final report.

The Moroccan diplomat resigned earlier this month after losing the support of Gulf countries for his mediation efforts as Shiite Houthi rebels pushed their offensive, amid accusations that they are being armed and supported by Iran.

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