More Kabuki theater as John Kerry talks to the wife of a former Fed mob boss

Kurt Nimmo
February 26, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry, during an interview with the wife of the former boss of the Federal Reserve, Andrea Mitchell, demanded Russia “respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, to end provocative rhetoric and actions, to support democratically established transitional governing structures, and to use their influence in support of unity, peace, and an inclusive path forward.”

Kerry’s choice of words is certainly interesting. He cast the violent overthrow of a democratically elected leader – admittedly corrupt, a trait shared by many Ukrainian politicians, including those ready to assume power – in such a patently false light as to be absurd.

Kerry’s State Department certainly did not respect “Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” as the comments of his deputy, the neocon Victoria Nuland, revealed when she had a leisurely chat with the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, about what puppet the United States would install. As it turns out, the choice was “Yats,” Arseniy Yatseniuk, a central bankster and confederate of Yulia Tymoshenko, the corrupt former prime minister who was thrown in prison for embezzlement and other financial crimes.

Because the United States considers itself exceptional and indispensable, it feels it has the right to orchestrate the overthrow of governments not preferable to the financial elite and install handpicked leaders who are little more than well-compensated grocery clerks. Earlier today, as if on cue, the Financial Times announced Yats will be the next prime minister of Ukraine. The average Ukrainian will now undoubtedly suffer the dire consequences of IMF fire sales and the result of neoliberal “reforms,” in other words crushing austerity and increased misery.

But, alas, the cheerleaders braving freezing temperatures in Maidan Square can now count themselves as part of the European Union, a fascist super-state with unelected apparatchiks and bureaucrats calling the shots and deciding how the plebs will eek out their miserable existence. Life for the average Ukrainian will be less than rosy now that Svoboda, Right Sector, and other retrograde ultra-nationalists have accomplished their revolution. It is a revolution orchestrated by Kerry’s State Department, NGOs underwritten by the globalist George Soros, the malaprop “Freedom House,” and the CIA’s various fronts and cutouts, all working to turn the world into a hellish plantation for the global elite, the 1% of the fabled 1%. You won’t hear Andrea Mitchell talk about that, though.

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