June 17, 2008

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Handel on the News, June 16, 2008

KFI AM’s bio on Bill Handel, who joked about his “friend” Mike Reagan’s call for the murder of Mike Dice, runs as follows:

It didn’t take long for KFI to realize that this politically incorrect, self-proclaimed “Latino Jew” had the tell-it-like-it-is attitude listeners were looking for and gave Handel the coveted weekday morning show time slot. He was soon host of the top-rated morning show in the market and “Handel on the Law” was syndicated nationally.

Whether you’re talking about Big Brother, Big Business or Big Macs, you’ll rarely find Handel without an opinion. His rapid-fire commentary gives listeners the information they want the way they want it. He’s an energetic and highly entertaining, yet intelligent, alternative to pseudo-intellectual, boring talk radio. For thousands of talk radio listeners, waking up just wouldn’t be the same without Bill Handel.

Bill Handel is the best at what he does. He explains complicated issues in a plainspoken way so listeners don’t just hear the story, they see the story. Handel says what needs to be said, he’s not afraid to milk sacred cows and give you “everything you need to know before you get to work.”

In 2005, he was named Major Market Personality of the Year at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards and News/Talk Personality of the Year by Radio & Records.

Court letter
  Handel "explains complicated issues in a plainspoken way," for instance killing 9/11 "crackpots."

Handel agrees with Reagan “you shoot… traitors” and he told this to the citizens of Los Angeles and he apparently agrees you “pay for the bullet.” Of course, taking a look at the photo here of Mr. Handel, it is difficult to take him seriously.

Here’s transcript, courtesy of Martin Hill and Inland Empire 9/11 Truth:

Bill Handel:"My friend Michael Reagan, by the way, uh, is, uh, also got involved with Mark Dice the anti-war activist and founder- remember we had Mark Dice on. And I thought he was a crackpot"

Cohost: "He’s the one who says that 9/11 was an inside job,…"

Handel: "Yeah".

Cohost: "..and he’s calling on people to join his group and send letters and information and dvds to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Handel: "And asking them to throw their arms out. And up. and just not fight anymore for America,.. To think again about whether , uh you know, we ought to fight for America. I mean the guy’s asking for the troops to commit, uh, out and out treason. There’s no question about it. So, Michael Reagan had an interesting point, take on this.

Cohost reads Reagan’s remarks: "We ought to find the people who are doing this, take em out and shoot them, really, just find the people who are sending those letters…"

Handel: "He’s asked for the death of ,.. uh,.. he’s asked for the death of Dice."

Cohost: "Here’s what he says":

[They then play a prtion of the clip where Reagan says to take Dice out to the firing range, and Handel continues]

Handel: "So anyway he’s being investigated by the FBI for that, which…"

Cohost: "So Michael Reagan is not outrageous?! He’s calling Mark Dice outrageous….. Holy Toledo!"

Another member of the on air KFI morning crew then adds, "Here’s my favorite part of his comments"

Reagan audio clip: "But anybody who would do that, DOESN’T DESERVE TO LIVE. YOU SHOOT ‘EM. You call them traitors that’s what they are,…"

Handel: "uh huh.. Yes".

Reagan clip: "And you shoot them dead".

Cohost: "Wait. here’s the best part:"

Reagan Clip: "I’ll pay for the bullet."


Handel: "Nice, Michael".

Female cohost: Now I too would prefer that these people send cookies, or maybe some snickers bars for the troops.. but that’s a little overboard".

Cohost to Handel: "That is your boy Michael, your boy Michael Reagan, frequent guest of the Bill Handel show"

Handel: "And a friend! And a friend of mine! Exactly. Hey, you know what can I tell ya."

At 41:50 Handel continues with the Reagan audio clip and references,

Handel: "…another traiter that Michael reagan wants killed is Becky Hammon…" (American basketball player who plays for Russian basketball team)

Here is the rest of Hill’s report:

I called KFI Los Angeles on Monday June 16th at 5:42AM and talked with Bill Handel’s screener about the death threats Michael Reagan made to anti-war activist Mark Dice. She told me she had not heard of the story, and I told her to google it and watch the youtube video of Reagan’s remarks. After 9 minutes on the line, she came back and told me they will cover the on the 8:30AM news. [See article on PrisonPlanet, Clear Channel’s KFI Los Angeles Mocks Reagan Death Threat Story] Attorney Bill Handel’s program then covered the story at 8:46AM.

After hearing KFI’s mockery of such serious topic on the Handel show, I wrote a letter to Bill and KFI management Here is a copy of the letter: [Clearchannel’s KFI Los Angeles Broadcasts & Responds To My Letter Re: Mark Dice & Michael Reagan]

Handel’s producer then wrote back to me saying Bill read my letter and responded to it on air Tuesday morning 6/17 at 5AM. (I woke up at 5:40 and missed his response live, but she assures me that it will be listed on their podcast page here by tommorow.
Wikipedia reports In the Spring 2006 quarter Arbitron rating, KFI was the most listened to radio station in Los Angeles, averaging approximately 1.5 million listeners during any given weekday… The station is now the most listened to AM radio station as well as the most listened to news/talk radio station in the country, beating out WABC in New York City. Also, a reminder that presidential candidate Mike Huckabee referenced Mitt Romney’s connection to Clearchannel and Bain capital during the presidential race.

Later on Monday June 16th, our group, INLAND EMPIRE 911 TRUTH along with members of WE ARE CHANGE L.A. and ORANGE COUNTY 9/11 TRUTH staged a protest against Reagan and his syndicator RADIO AMERICA in Los Angeles. [See PrisonPlanet Article Protest Michael Reagan Monday June 16th at 2:30PM in Los Angeles]. Photos and youtube of the protest will be posted at our yotube account here by tommorow.

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