The operational and defensive capabilities of the Ukrainian army are not sufficient enough to regain control over the lost territories in the southeastern regions of the country, a French political expert said.

Kiev is unlikely to regain control over the lost territories in the southeastern regions of the country, taking into account the poor state of the Ukrainian army, French political expert Christine Dugoin-Clément said in an interview with the French magazine “Le Point”.

According to the expert, the operational and defensive capabilities of the Ukrainian army are insufficient to cope with the current situation. Taking into account a large number of killed and wounded soldiers, the situation in the army is close to a catastrophic one, Dugoin-Clément wrote.

Potential lethal weapons’ supplies by Washington may lead to a renewal of the violence and contribute to the deterioration of the situation.  As for the economic assistance, the full integration of Ukraine into the European community is not possible, the article said.

Kiev expected not just the signing of the Association Agreement, but also direct entry into the EU. European authorities are not considering this option as any accession process is blocked for at least the next five years, the expert explained.

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