Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 16, 2010

Some of the reaction to Alex Jones’ allegorical You Tube video in which he tortures an iPad to make a point about how people care more about the suffering of an inanimate object than they do actual human beings tragically reminds us of just how deeply retarded, savage, and devoid of humanity many people still are.

Alex cited the outrageous attitude of those that acted as apologists for the shocking footage of U.S. Apache helicopter pilots gunning down Iraqi journalists and children and then laughing about it in making the point that the attempted legitimization of torture was stripping people of their basic empathy and that people now care more about technological gadgets than they do the mass slaughter of a million Iraqis since the 2003 invasion.

To be frank, some of the reaction to the video sank to deeper depths of depravity than we even predicted. We thought people would respond by expressing sympathy for the suffering of the iPad, while they couldn’t care less about children being beaten, tortured and killed, and some did take the line. However, even more shocking were the rantings of people who freely expressed their opinion that Iraqi children should be slaughtered en masse to prevent them becoming terrorists when they grow up.

One user – “polardude20″ – wrote, “I honestly dont care if america tortures a few terrorists, it may not be fair, but its not fair when they hijack planes and use suicide  bombers either.”

But little Sajad Salah and his younger sister Duaa Salah were neither hijackers nor suicide bombers, they were children who after seeing their father torn limb from limb by searing gunfire from an Apache for daring to attempt a rescue of Reuters cameramen who were similarly butchered, cowered screaming in a van that was then pelted with gunfire by U.S. troops who chuckled and made excuses for their demonic behavior.

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“Us should bomb Iraq because Iraqi are terrorist; that kid in the van may become a terrorist hijacker that kill thousands and millions of America good citizen. So it is common sense to kill one to save  millions,” drooled You Tube user “Jinnaraka”.

He or she even went on to ludicrously claim that the puppy thrown off a cliff by U.S. Marines who were later booted out of the Corps deserved its fate because it too could have been a future member of Al-Qaeda.

“That puppy is a terrorist-trained suicidal bomber,  looking cute and innocent but in fact is a deadly weapon, so that guy is  doing a good favor for us,” he wrote.

But while vehemently proclaiming that puppies and children should be killed in order to keep America safe, the individual couldn’t bring himself to embrace the thought that a real iPad went through the suffering seen in the video.

“And you are fucking faker. this is  obviously a fake Ipad. you turn off the Ipad before you make holes on  it. Kid will believe you,” he blathered.

So there you have it – butchering defenseless animals and children is not only acceptable, it’s a good thing and should be encouraged.

But God forbid should anyone take an electric drill to a genuine iPad – what kind of sick bastard would do that?

Remember, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll need storable food, but WHEN!

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