Will Donald Trump bring peace to the East?

From Bloomberg:

Kim Jong Un wants to sign a peace treaty after meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump, South Korean media reported, reviving a long-held goal of the North Korean regime.

Kim is likely to raise the possibility of a peace treaty, along with establishing diplomatic relations and nuclear disarmament, during a meeting with the U.S. leader, the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said Monday, citing an unidentified senior official in South Korea’s presidential office. Trump last week agreed to meet Kim, although key details of the summit have yet to be decided.

Koh Yu-hwan, who teaches North Korean studies at Dongguk University in Seoul, said the regime has long sought a peace treaty to end the more than 60-year-old ceasefire between the two sides and help guarantee its safety.

“There were agreements between the U.S. and North Korea to open up discussion on a peace treaty, but they never materialized,” Koh said, saying the conditions were key. “The U.S. wants a peace treaty at the end of the denuclearization process, while for the North, it’s the precondition for its denuclearization.”

I really can’t see Kim giving up his nukes without an assurance he won’t get the Saddam/Gaddafi treatment. That’s not an unreasonable request.

Trump said Saturday he thinks their meeting will “go very well.”

“I think North Korea should go very well. I think we’re going to have tremendous success. It’s going to be something very special,” Trump told reporters. “We have a lot of support. So I think North Korea is going to go very well. They promised they wouldn’t be shooting off missiles in the mean time and they’re looking to de-nuke. So that would be great.”

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