Peter Kinder
Springfield News-Leader
March 30, 2009

Editor’s note: Peter Kinder, the Missouri lieutenant governor, claims reporters broke the MIAC story on March 20. In fact, Alex Jones and Infowars broke this story on March 11 and it took several days for the corporate media to pick it up, generally minus attribution or credit to Jones and Infowars.

On March 20, reporters broke the astonishing news that a report from the Missouri Department of Public Safety was distributed to law enforcement across our state that depicted Christians, anti-abortionists, advocates for protecting our borders and supporters of certain political candidates as potential “threats” to public safety.

[efoods]The report was developed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) and was entitled, “The Modern Militia Movement.”

By title alone, the imagination conjures up images of commando renegades on remote outposts in secluded mountainous terrain. However, while this “Modern Militia” report did touch on such radical ideologies, the groups purported to be “threats” were supporters of such political candidates as Bob Barr and Ron Paul.

There are certainly individual extremists in many religious and political groups (both conservative and liberal), but Gov. Nixon and Director of Public Safety John Britt have created a dangerous precedent of profiling lawful citizens as threats to public safety simply based on their political or religious beliefs.

On Tuesday, Gov. Nixon and Director Britt said they stood by the content of the report, while both said they hadn’t read it. Then, on Wednesday, Col. Jim Keathley of the Missouri State Highway Patrol issued a statement saying the review process for future MIAC memos would be changed.

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