A.R. Nash
February 4, 2013

Obama’s “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, like his purported American citizenship, were not legitimized by actual American Law. He made them unconstitutionally while the Senate was in session and not made (as required by the Constitution) between its two sessions when Senators would journey home. The weight of the entire legal structure of the United States federal government was put behind an asinine, transparently false, stupid, perverted and disingenuous explanation that it took to court to defend Obama’s lawless acts.

His many corrupt legal minds, -from the best law colleges, prostituted what little integrity they may have still had by arguing (lying) that the Constitution’s requirement that recess appointments are allowed only when vacancies “happen” while the Senate is in recess, actually means that all vacancies that “happen to exist” when a recess occurs, (i.e., vacancies that have pre-existed for an indefinite period of time), allow the President to appoint whoever the hell he wants without the required consent of Congress just because the Senate is on a temporary, brief intra-session recess or break.

The appellate judges found that argument to be absurd, -that the words mean what they mean as understood by common language and cannot be reinterpreted, distorted, twisted, perverted and modeled to fit the Presidents unconstitutional wishes.

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