May 19, 2008

LONDON – Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger says the nations of the world will decide on dramatic measures against Iran if necessary, PressTV reported.

Pointing to Iran’s nuclear program, Kissinger said the international community had to define ‘nuclear capability’ and once it is defined, they had to set a timetable and impose meaningful sanctions on the country.

“There is no point talking about unacceptability without defining specific proposals and significant sanctions,” Kissinger said in a conference in Jerusalem.

“Then nations decide whether other measures can be taken as a last resort,” the former Nixon Secretary of State suggested.

Kissinger claimed that the prospect of a nuclear Iran would only result in the spread of nuclear weapons to the Middle East.

This is while the George W. Bush administration, in 2007, offered a $20 billion arms sale package, including advanced satellite-guided bombs, to Saudi Arabia and five other Persian Gulf littoral states.

Tehran has repeatedly asserted that its nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes and that nuclear bombs have no place in its defensive doctrine.

Observers maintain that Washington continues to accuse Iran of pursuing nuclear weaponry in a bid to promote an arms race in the Middle East.

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