Clinton author Ed Klein says that if Hillary Clinton is not indicted, FBI Director James Comey and “a lot of other FBI agents” would resign as well in protest.

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co” on Friday, Klein said, “I think Comey realizes that he’s got to wrap this [investigation] up well before the conventions otherwise he’s going to disenfranchise millions and millions of people. So I think this is going to be wrapped up in around six more weeks.”

Klein said that he thinks Clinton will get indicted but “Hillary has her lawyers talking to the Justice Department about a lesser charge, something in which she would just say, ‘Well, I’m sorry. It was a little sloppy, I shouldn’t have done that.”

In that case, Clinton “would be let off.” However, Klein said that he didn’t think that scenario would occur.

Host Stuart Varney responded, “That wouldn’t happen? Because that would be a way around the political problem of indicting the likely Democrat nominee for the presidency.”

“Right, but James Comey is after all… the Eliot Ness of our time. He is really not going to let politics interfere with what he finally decides.”

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