One in three want live ammunition used on rioters

Steve Watson
Aug 10, 2011

The riots in London and now elsewhere in the UK are being used by some as an excuse to call for a full on police state crackdown complete with curfews, martial law and the army roaming the streets killing people.

The most despicable of these drooling nonsensical knee jerk calls comes from Conservative MEP Roger Helmer, who suggested via his twitter account yesterday that it was “Time to get tough. Bring in the Army. Shoot looters and arsonists on sight.”

Shoot them all

When other twitter users and reporters called Helmer out on his comments, he tweeted “Let’s try water cannon/plastic rounds first. But if the police lose control completely, tougher measures are called for.”

Thankfully, the British government has so far dismissed such calls, with the Conservative party declaring “We totally dissociate ourselves from these comments.”

After initially suggesting that the option of using the army was being considered, U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May later announced that the government would not take such extreme measures, with legal experts suggesting armed forces on the streets should be a last resort.

The rush to eviscerate freedom completely in the UK hasn’t ended there, however.

Several other Tory MPs repeated the same ill considered calls for martial law.

UKIP MEPs Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage also called for the military to be deployed in London to crush the rioters and institute a full fledged police state and martial law.

“I think the police have been out numbered… I think the point has come where we have to call in the armed forces.” Batten told RT.

“Lets get our troops back into this country and put them on the streets supporting the police in order to crush this criminal insurrection.” he added.

Batten then suggested that “political correctness” was the overriding factor preventing the use of plastic bullets and water cannons, as well as soldiers on the streets.

UKIP leader Farage made similar comments, noting “We’re not sending out a strong enough signal… I would have thought the logical thing to do was to call the army in.”

Even celebrities have begun calling for the army to be deployed, with England football player Rio Ferdinand leading the charge.

Riot Poll

According to a YouGov poll, a third of the British population wants to see live ammunition used on rioters in the streets. That’s right, just spray them with bullets for instant justice.

Although the poll was conducted for The Sun, the biggest selling tabloid newspaper in the UK, YouGov is a credible source, and is routinely acclaimed as the country’s most accurate opinion pollster.

The results of the poll betray the frightening mind set of a certain large portion of the population.

77% want the army on the streets, 82% want curfews, and 90% want water cannons.

This kind of knee jerk reactionary opinion is a direct consequence of the continuing erosion of what little remains of our freedoms. It is now considered perfectly reasonable by some elected officials, and a huge portion of the population to call for complete militarization of law enforcement and shoot to kill policing in the wake of civil unrest.

Meanwhile, the police, having been ordered to stand back and do nothing for three nights, are now facing full on warfare between rioters and vigilante groups trying to protect their communities in the absence of any order.

All the while the core economic root causes are ignored and the elite, who have manufactured this situation for their own destructive gain, sit back and cackle as the population of the country adopts a gang mentality and descends into full on class and race warfare.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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