A knitting website with more than 8 million members has banned users from expressing support for President Donald Trump in order to be more “inclusive”.

Because what could be more “inclusive” than not including potentially millions of people?

Administrators for Ravelry said they were “making any expression of support for Trump and his administration in forum posts, patterns, on their personal profile pages or elsewhere permanently off limits” in order to combat “white supremacy”.

Users who express support for Trump may not only have their posts removed, but could be banned permanently.

The tweet received over 50,000 likes and an onslaught of media attention, proving once again how lame virtue signaling is the easiest way to acquire free advertising.

The left relentlessly proclaims its love for “diversity,” until it comes to diversity of opinion, which is ruthlessly silenced at every available opportunity.


There is a war on free speech. Without your support, my voice will be silenced.

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