Earl Glynn
Kansas Watchdog

December 21, 2011

OVERLAND PARK  —  “Where’s Kansas?” asked Secretary of State Kris Kobach regarding the enforcement of laws dealing with illegal immigration. “Nowhere to be seen” was his response in a  video presentation.

“Kansas has taken no steps in recent years to discourage illegal immigration.”

In the prerecorded video Kobach told the Union of Patriots group of about 70 on Friday about what states can and should be doing about illegal immigration.

Kobach said states like Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Utah, Missouri and Oklahoma are at the forefront of stopping illegal immigration, but Kansas is more like California in its approach.

Kobach said the U.S. Supreme Court recently took under review an Arizona law he helped draft to deal with illegal immigration.

Kobach said the Arizona law “formalizes and makes uniform cooperation between state and local law enforcement officers and the federal government.”  Kobach said he is “cautiously optimistic the Supreme Court will rule in Arizona’s favor.”

Kobach discussed actions that should be taken in Kansas:

“We’ve got to move Kansas in the direction of Arizona and Alabama and away from the direction of California. …

“We’ve got to take these steps to stop having our taxpayer dollars go to people who are not supposed to be in the country in first place.”

The bottom line is we could be saving tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars of Kansas taxpayers’ money if we got our illegal immigration problem under control.”

Recent actions in Alabama caused illegal aliens to self-deport and was opening up jobs for U.S. citizens in that state, according to Kobach.

Daily Caller confirms Kobach’s statements about unemployment dropping in Alabama from 9.8 percent in September to 9.3 percent in October, but Media Matters for America disputes those claims.

Read full article and see video presentation by Kris Kobach here

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