Kurt Nimmo
March 15, 2012

Invisible Children’s propaganda documentary Kony 2012 mysteriously disappeared from YouTube earlier today, only to reappear a short time later without explanation. Infowars.com noticed the removal, but before we had a chance to document it the film was back up on the popular video website.

A web search produced a result from Yahoo Answers entitled “The Kony 2012 video has been removed from Youtube for copyright.”

“Do you think the Kony 2012 people orchestrated the removal themselves because of the growing backlash against them?” asked a post. The question was removed from the community-driven Q&A site and replaced with a disclaimer stating: “This question has been deleted. Questions on Yahoo!7 Answers are sometimes deleted according to our Community Guidelines.”

YouTube videos are usually removed for copyright violation. They may also be taken down if they violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. “These removals usually have nothing to do with copyright. Instead, they generally result when the video contains nudity, gratuitous violence, or otherwise violates YouTube’s Terms of Use or Community Guidelines,” explains the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Kony 2012 does not contain nudity or gratuitous violence, so the obvious conclusion is the film was removed for copyright violation. Invisible Children likely neglected to gain permission for video footage they used in the documentary.

A message posted on the TigerDroppsings.com forum claims the following text appeared on the Kony 2012 YouTube page after the documentary was briefly removed: “This video contains content from Dow Jones, RTL Netherlands and La7, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds.”

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