The first in a three part series that chronicles the opaque US advocacy group known as “Invisible Children”,  their latest money-raising campaign KONY 2012, and their globalist ties.

Patrick Henningsen
April 17, 2012

Time is running out. Not for Joseph Kony, but for Invisible Children.

Tales of the LRA and Kony have again been reignited, as the KONY 2012 campaign’s urgent April 20th deadline approaches. The attempt by evangelical-based business Invisible Children Inc to craft the mythology around Joseph Kony as public enemy number one as a  ‘Bin Laden Lite’, demonstrates more than anything the emotive power of film, and film as propaganda.

Quite simply, Invisible Children are meant to serve as the new cultural influencers, or “culture makers” who will do the community public relations work that softens the ground for the globalist establishment agenda embodied in organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the United Nations.

Although quiet about its religious affiliation, Invisible Children’s organization is staffed almost exclusively with young, ‘Christian activists’ and could very well have support links to other Christian evangelist organizations, some of whom have historical links to the CIA, and round table groups like the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. Many of these also share links with the powerful clandestine US religious-based right-wing Christian political fraternity known as “The Family“, also known as “The Fellowship“.

Invisible Children’s link to The Family explains how KONY 2012 was fast-tracked on to the desks of politicans in Washington DC. A recent expose on Invisible Children explains:

Among the current and past Invisible Children leaders and employees with professional and social ties to Fellowship members are Jason Russell, Laren Poole, Ben Keesey, Ben Thomson, Adam Finck, James A. Pearson, and Jared White – who in late 2009 went on a cross-Africa motorcycle trip with three young Americans who are working to develop The Fellowship’s programs in Uganda, including Eric Kreutter – son of Tim Kreutter, The Fellowship’s longtime American leader on the ground in Uganda.

If properly audited, one might discover seed funding and foundation grants records that could show whether or not Invisible Children and their KONY 2012 PR campaign are direct financial and political beneficiaries of this powerful and secretive neoconservative, evangelical faith-based fraternity in the United States, a web of power with international outposts all over the world – hidden behind the curtain of evangelical Christian missions and aid NGOs.

One of Invisible Children Inc’s corporate business partners is Better World Books, who promote the idea of Carbon trading and off-sets to children in the US, as well as promote new dystopic books aimed at children like popular new tilte, The Hunger Games.

For the past two days, a number of mainstream media outlets including CNN and the Post, have run what look and feel like paid-for ‘advertorial’ placements masquerading as news segments The Post’s deceptive headline today read, “In Africa, U.S. troops moving slowly against Joseph Kony and his militia.” In addition, the article is littered with past photos of Kony and LRA victims dated 2004 and older.

There’s only one problem – there have been no verifiable reports, nor actual sightings of Joseph Kony in Uganda for approximately 6 years, a reality which has been replaced by a new media-driven mythology surrounding the former (and possibly deceased) LRA paramilitary commander, who is said be on the run from a crack team of US commandos in the jungles of Uganda. 

Sound like a Hollywood script? Well, that’s because it is.

The former villain Joseph Kony was made into a pop icon, a myth propagated by the dubious organization based in San Diego, Invisible Children Inc, who portray their cause to look like a ‘charity’, even though many schools and children are still under the impression that they are an international aid organization.

Invisible Children’s chief product is not aid to poor people in Africa, as many US school children and teachers are led to believe. Rather, their main out-put seems to be film production, merchandise, advocacy, and lobbying Washington’s US State Department for an increased US military precence in oil and mineral-rich East Africa – a lobbying effort which interestingly dove tails perfectly with the Pentagon’s new AFRICOM military initiative signed into action by President Bush in 2007. According to its own documents, AFRICOM’s chief objective is reduce the influence of China on the continent and to secure America’s own natural resource interests in Africa.

The Post article by , does go on to raise some criticism of US Uganda and its brutal dictator, Yoweri Museveni – who allows Invisible Children to operate inside Uganda:

According to Human Rights Watch, Uganda’s military has committed numerous abuses in its quest for Kony in the north of the country, including killings, routine beatings, rapes, and prolonged and arbitrary detention of civilians. Olara Otunnu, a former U.N. undersecretary general, has publicly described the Ugandan army’s role as tantamount to genocide.

“Nobody here trusts the Ugandans,” said Clement Rutebol, the head of Jupedec, a local aid agency assisting LRA victims. “I don’t understand why the Americans are partners with them.”

By focusing on the non-factor of the long since disappeared Kony and the LRA, Uganda’s President-for-life Museveni- who himself has strong links to “The Family” in Washington DC, is able to deflect the public spotlight which should be focused on him – a war criminal who used child soldiers, and is also accused of ethinc cleaning his political enemies in Uganda.

It should come as no surprise that Invisible Children founder Jason Russell and his team have links to numerous of dubious international Christian Evangelical organizations – some of which have long-standing, traditional ties to the CIA , and documenting these links should expose the true purpose behind their “charity” drive to get US troops on the ground in Africa.  

Invisible Children’s multimillion dollar film production, KONY 2012, and subsequent US schools campaign relies on a series of 2003 -2006 interviews with Ugandan villagers who recount past encounters with the former LRA paramilitary army, and give a plea for help from Obama to send in troops to the country in order to “hunt down and capture, and bring Joseph Kony for trial in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague. 

Invisible Children’s film production uses the best in Hollywood and Madison Avenue careful editing and emotive techniques, in order to appear like it is a actual documentary film – the essence of public relations. The public fall-out from their first film was so harsh that their ‘visionary’ spokesman and head filmmaker, Jason Russell suffered a very public nervous breakdown this past March, where he was found by police shouting to himself and running naked through the streets of San Diego, ending in him being committed to mental care.
See video here:


Following this embarrassing incident, the company was forced to disassociate itself with their eccentric, evangelical radical leader Russell and replace him with a new PR frontman, CFO Ben Keesey. They were also forced to re-cut and re-release a viral sequel to KONY 2012, entitled, “Beyond Famous“, and closed the comment section on the YouTube campaign in order to avoid any further criticisms from the wider public.

Evangelist student Jason Russell was one of many protégées of none other than controversial multi-millionaire TELevangelist Jerry Falwell. Russell studied as an undergraduate at Falwell’s own Liberty University located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Evangelism and Christian aid is well-known to be a back-door into Africa- and countries like Uganda, for western intelligence agenies. Both Jerry Falwell and Korean Reverend Moon’s CIA links are well-known and documented. Among them are Moon’s past sponsorship of the organization like the Council of National Policy founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye, co-author of the ‘end-of-times’ themed “Left Behind” cult book series. It is reported that he received $500,000 from former Korean CIA officer, Mr. Bo Hi Pak, who was Moon’s righthand man, and a former Korean CIA officer. Another Moon-associated group is the ‘Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable’, made up of many of the same members from Rev. Moons’ CNP and CRF organizations. It marries leading Moon associated evangelicals to the CIA, the Council for Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission – all of which are closely tied to the Bilderberg Group.

During a financial fall-out which began in 1994, Falwell received bail-out funds for the failing university from none other than the Reverend Moon. Reverend Sun Myung Moon was founder of the Unification Church and owner of the Washington Times, and stabilized the failing university through two of his organizations – a forced business marriage with Falwell and Moon. At the time, an alleged $2.5 million was funneled through a Moon organization known as the ‘Womens Federation for World Peace’ which has been chaired by Beverly LaHaye, wife of Timothy LaHaye. The Womens Federation for World Peace paid $3.5 million to the Christian Heritage Foundation, which in turn bought Falwell’s $73 million debt.

In addition, a number of Invisible Children’s Ugandan staff have ties to other controversial ‘Christian aid’ organizations including, the NGO microfinance institution known as the Ecumenical Church Loan Fund operating all over Africa.

It is not clear yet, how much funding Invisible Children has received from CIA front organizations, or Reverend Moon-related organizations. What Invisible Children Inc does extremely well is to pretend it is a charity-like organization, as it uses a false international crisis like Kony and the LRA in order to raise money around the US, by duping its army of well-intentioned, but incredibly naive teachers and students in US schools.

Because Invisible Children is not a registered charity in the US, all of its investment funding can not easily be accessed but watchdogs have been able to unearth some serious problems related to the company’s finances:

Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal for an issue which arguably needs action and aid, not awareness, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they lack an external audit committee. But it goes way deeper than that.

Nor can the company rightly justify its large salaries awarded annually to some of its top officers and its 43 full-time permanent staff – a global payroll easily exceeding millions of dollars annually wordwide.

Put simply, Invisible Children is the latest, hi-tech vehicle to recruit innocent young children and school faculty, with a Twitter and Facebook-fueled utopian vision of the future – a virtual world where everybody can click a Paypal button and go to bed with a smile on their face.

Parents and teachers in the US should really be aware that when they hit that PayPal button, it encourages President Obama to hit his own button – sending thousands of US troops into Africa, on a wild goose-chase to hunt for the new Osama bin Laden.



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