A YouTuber from South Korea filmed herself removing braids after commenters accused her of culturally appropriating the hairstyle, a concept she’d never heard of.

In a video uploaded last week titled, “Why do Koreans call box braids reggae hair?” vlogger xoxosophia apologized to black people as she cut her hair, explaining the Western concept of cultural appropriation, which has been promoted by leftist social justice warriors, was not familiar to Koreans.

“I don’t think many of us living in Korea are not aware of the concept yet,” reads a rough English translation of the video.

“The word ‘cultural appropriation’ appears a lot in the comments,” xoxosophia said. “Think of it as abuse of other cultures. This hairstyle has been around for very long time, and historically meaningful to the black culture.”

Elsewhere in the video xoxosophia says she learned black people “get kicked out from work” for wearing their hair in braids, while people of other races wear the hairstyle to look cool.

Full video below:

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