Kurt Nimmo
August 8, 2012

Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell has beaten his opponent in the August 7 primary for a seat in the House of Representatives. Haskell defeated fellow Democrat Ruben Marquez and will face Republican Tim Walberg in November. Walberg is the current Representative for Michigan’s 7th congressional district.

Kurt Haskell came to public attention following the so-called underwear bomber incident on Christmas Day, 2009. He was on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit when Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab feebly attempted to ignite PETN bomb. Haskell also witnessed a “sharp dressed man” ushering Abdulmutallab on the flight prior to the supposedly flubbed attack despite the fact the Nigerian did not have a passport.

“Every single fact that has come to light since the attempted bombing on Christmas Day directly indicates that the bomber was deliberately allowed to board the plane and that his attack would have succeeded if not for the alert and brave reactions of the passengers and flight crew,” Paul Jospeh Watson wrote for Infowars.com on December 27, 2009.

Haskell told his story during a December 29, 2009 appearance on the Alex Jones Show. He maintains that Abdulmutallab was carrying an inoperative bomb and was set-up as a patsy.

Hearings held in January of 2010 before the House Homeland Security Committee revealed that “Detroit Christmas bomber was deliberately and intentionally allowed to keep his US entry visa as the result of a national security override issued by an as yet unknown US intelligence or law-enforcement agency with the goal of blocking the State Department’s planned revocation of that visa,” Webster Tarpley explained in February of 2010.

Tarpley went on to say that “Mutallab was a protected patsy being used by rogue elements of the US intelligence community for the deliberate and intentional creation of a high profile incident with the goal of obtaining a large-scale political effect.”

Following sensationalized corporate media coverage of the incident, the Department of Homeland Security instituted more stringent TSA procedures and introduced naked body scanners in U.S. airports.

Haskell was subsequently called as a witness in Abdulmutallab’s trial. The accused terrorist, however, decided to not plead guilty at the last moment and Haskell was unable to testify.

“Abdulmutallab’s reversal now means that Detroit Attorney Kurt Haskell’s contention that the plot was, as in almost every other terror case made public, a product of government entrapment, and that the US intelligence establishment was involved in the aborted attack, will now remain buried, at least for the time being,” Infowars.com reported on October 12, 2011.

Haskell told Alex Jones after the reversal that he planned to file a civil lawsuit against the government.

Earlier this month, Haskell told Mlive.com the underwear bomber incident is not part of his campaign for political office. “It’s not part of my campaign, so I’m really trying to move past this. All my comments are on record and I stand by them, but that’s all I really have to say about it.”

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