Laura Ingraham
January 10, 2014

These amnesty fanatics won’t stop. They will do everything in their power to ensure that every illegal alien here has an opportunity to work for low wages or (alternatively) simply become dependent upon (and thus supportive of) big government programs. The more we see this immigration “reform” issue unfold, the more we see that there really isn’t a hell of a lot of sunshine between the GOP and Democrat Establishment. Neither is doing what is in the interest of the demoralized American middle class. Neither cares about preserving a unique American culture, language or the rule of law. Perhaps we can name this new political alliance La Chamber of Raza. (Of course what the capitalists don’t understand is that if millions of Americans basically give up hope of becoming prosperous, or just getting a decent paying job, the free market is imperiled.) More folks will just start turning on whatever remains of free market principles, since they aren’t working for them. As one of our exasperated callers said recently: “The government seems to be working against, not for us.”

Side-note: I think the GOP Establishment is desperate to get amnesty through in 2014 so that their Presidential candidate (whoever it is) doesn’t have to talk about the issue in 2016.

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