Los Angeles may soon be flush with a new water supply — and it’s not what you may think.

The Metropolitan Water District, Southern California’s largest water importer, is moving toward a “toilet to tap” program that could eventually result in human wastewater being transformed into drinking water. The concept behind “toilet to tap” is that the same purification that takes place when water moves through the earth, lakes or other natural features can be replicated in a man-made system.

A plan under consideration could reduce the region’s dependence on imported water and purify treated wastewater through a series of advanced techniques.

“We’re thinking it would serve Los Angeles County, Orange County and potentially San Bernardino County,” said Debra Man, assistant general manager and COO of the water district, which serves a six-county area and nearly 19 million people. “We’re talking about a regional program and it could afford us some cost efficiencies because of the economies of scale.”

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