Scientists and businesses working full steam to produce lab-created meat claim it will be healthier than conventional meat and more environmentally friendly.

But how much can they improve on old-school pork or beef?

In August 2013, a team of Dutch scientists showed off their lab-grown burger (cost: $330,000) and even provided a taste test.

Two months ago, the American company Memphis Meats fried the first-ever lab meatball (cost: $18,000 per pound).

Those who have tasted these items say they barely differ from the real deal.

The Dutch and the Americans claim that within a few years lab-produced meats will start appearing in supermarkets and restaurants.

And these are not the only teams working on cultured meat (as they prefer to call it).

Another company, Modern Meadow, promises that lab-grown “steak chips” — something between a potato chip and beef jerky — will hit the stores in the near future, too.

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