Obama’s vice president told union members on Labor Day he supports the middle class and a “level playing field” on wages and the standard of living.

“You built the middle class,” said Joe Biden during the the annual Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh. “That’s not an exaggeration. And as you’ve declined, the middle class has declined. … Build labor, we build America. Build labor, we build the middle class.”

The audience, primarily consisting of labor union members, cheered and urged Biden to get in the presidential race.

“Run, Joe! Run!” they chanted.

Biden, however, is no friend of labor. He voted for NAFTA during the 103rd Congress in 1993.

NAFTA was designed by the elite and the political class to toss American workers on the globalist labor market and force them to compete with Chinese workers earning on average about $4,755 per year and Mexican workers making $7,668 annually. In Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia the annual wage is far lower. The annual wage in Vietnam, where manufacturing jobs now flourish, was $1,890 in 2013.

It is interesting a crowd of labor union members would cheer a man who helped permanently transfer a million manufacturing jobs out of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

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