A Labour Party mayor has said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “completely deserves” to be admitted to intensive care after contracting the debilitating and deadly Chinese coronavirus.

Mayor of Heanor in Derbyshire and Labour district councillor Sheila Oakes had responded to a Facebook post in a party group asking people to say a “little prayer” to Prime Minister Johnson who was admitted to the intensive care unit of St Thomas’ hospital in London on Monday after his condition had worsened.

Miss Oakes had written on the social media platform: “Sorry, he completely deserves this, and he is one of the worst PMs we’ve ever had.”

British author Theodore Dalrymple says the country’s weekly activity of clapping in public for the NHS reminds him of how party members were forced to enthusiastically applaud Communist despots or face being labeled a dissident.

After backlash on social media, the Amber Valley Labour Group withdrew the party whip from Oakes, and she is no longer a Labour member. The group’s leader, Chris Emmas-Williams, said that there would be a party investigation into the mayor’s conduct.

On Tuesday, Miss Oakes “apologised for upsetting people and saying it”.

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