Were you recently laid off from The Blaze? Infowars is hiring, and we want talented and committed colleagues to join our elite team of journalists, video editors, radio producers and reporters.

Infowars is a dynamic, fast-paced news organization dedicated to promoting the free market, human rights and individual values – while telling the truth through journalism.   

And right now we’re facing a structural challenge: we need the talent to expand and to keep our pace ahead of the massive changes unfolding before humanity.

If you’re an exceptional person who recently lost your job at The Blaze, but want to continue the fight against globalism, we want to hear from you, especially if you didn’t like the Democratic takeover operation of The Blaze and were tired of having your hands tied.

Here’s just a sampling of what we’re currently looking for, and if you’re experienced but never worked for The Blaze, you’re also welcome to apply:

On-Camera Reporters – Austin, Texas

For our growing line of original broadcasts, we’re looking for on-camera reporters who are news junkies with at least two years of experience as field reporters, anchors or as on-screen hosts.

Travel and overtime will be required, and knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Gab.ai, Twitter) is a must as well as the desire to film special reports explaining the real stories behind the stories in the news.

Additionally, the ability to see trends in the news and connect them to past and current events during live broadcasts is paramount to this position.

A degree in journalism, news broadcast or an equivalent degree is helpful, and the ability to write headlines and articles with excellent spelling and grammar is a major plus.

Camera and video editing skills are also a plus but are not required.

Please send your targeted resume and a cover letter (PDF ONLY – no other formats accepted) to [email protected] with ‘Reporter’ in the subject line. The cover letter must detail your experience and why you’re a good fit.

Please include two online links to your on-camera work. If you have writing skills, please also include two article links.

Video Editor – Austin, Texas

We’re looking for a video editor who can edit fast and clean with an ear for audio.

You must know your way around Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, with at least five years of experience or more.

If you know the acronyms DSLR 5D Mark III, HDV, FS110U, XDCAM, FCP, h.264, we want your resume.

On the camera end, we shoot a variety of content including ENG, live and taped studio environments, documentary interviews, live events, political protests, news b-roll and more.

Lighting skills are a plus.

Finally, if you have live, multi-camera switching experience, please tell us.

Please send your targeted resume (PDF ONLY – no other formats accepted) to [email protected] with ‘Video Editor’ in the subject line.  Also, send two links that showcase your video editing skills – Two Links Total

Production/Video Interns – Austin, Texas

We’re looking for interns to carry out a variety of video tasks and multimedia projects for our video production department which focuses on studio broadcasts, interviews and more.

You’ll work in a fast-paced environment and must be able to work on several projects simultaneously and complete them according to instructions.

Additionally, you’ll develop key words for video archiving based on current trends in the news and popular culture.

This position could lead to full-time employment. Internships will be on a month-to-month basis.

Please send your targeted resume (PDF ONLY – no other formats accepted) to [email protected] with ‘Production/Video Interns’ in the subject line.  Also, send two links that showcase your video editing skills – Two Links Total

Freelance Journalists

We’re looking for contract writers with experience in journalism using the “inverted pyramid” writing structure to cover the five Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why – especially the Why) of a story.

At first, you’ll be paid per story and if you’re good, we may consider you for a full-time position here in Austin, Texas, if the opportunity arises.

The ideal candidate will be well-versed in libertarian and constitutional principles, know how to write hard-hitting headlines and cover what’s trending in the news in a very timely manner.

We require original content with excellent spelling and grammar.

News junkies who read the Drudge Report every day are encouraged to apply. If interested, please send two writing samples that showcase your writing ability.

Compensation: Per story

To apply, please sent a TARGETED resume in PDF format showcasing your journalism experience as well as two examples of your work to [email protected] and include in the title: ‘Attn: Kit Daniels’

Other opportunities

Whether you’re a journalism student in college, have several degrees or just a freelance writer or researcher with a passion for telling the truth, send us some examples of your work, tell us about your passion and what you like to do because we’ll also have other opportunities available in the future: [email protected]

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