Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, May 22, 2009

LAPD Implies Owning Guns Is Illegal 220509top2 

A CBS News clip out of California that was prominently featured on the front page of today showed the LAPD melting down 40,000lbs worth of “illegal weapons” to ‘”prevent them ending up on the streets in the hands of criminals” and yet most of the guns shown were perfectly legal and were handed in by law-abiding citizens who had kept them in their own homes.

The sheer gall of the propaganda on show here is staggering, because for anyone who doesn’t have a decent knowledge of firearms, the clip leaves the impression that guns are illegal and owned by criminals – despite the fact that the vast majority of the guns shown being melted down, many of them rifles and pistols, are perfectly legal.

“We’re taking illegal weapons off the streets and putting them to better use,” states the LAPD officer at the end of the clip, failing to mention the fact that most of the guns being destroyed are perfectly legal and were handed in by law-abiding citizens who had kept them at home.

The anchor states, “Weapons that could have ended up in the hands of criminals are melted down,” implying that the LAPD is doing everyone a favor by destroying legal firearms owned by law-abiding citizens.

Only fully automatic firearms can be deemed “illegal,” yet most of the guns shown in the clip, which include a M1 carbine, used in deer hunting, a Walther PPK pistol, as well as a Winchester Ranger Model 120 shotgun, are completely legal to own.


One officer shows a “street sweeper” ‘Tommy gun’ noting that it is “very dangerous” implying that it is illegal when in fact, though the gun is hard to procure in the U.S., it is not illegal.

The news anchor makes out that the guns were delivered “off the streets” and yet an LAPD officer later admits, “It’s not just criminals but people who have them in their homes that really didn’t want them – that’s where you get the kids accidentally shooting themselves.”

Here’s a newsflash – hardened criminals who plan to commit more criminal acts in future are not going to blithely hand their guns in to the police. The vast majority of people who handed in their legally owned guns, or “illegal weapons” as the LAPD would make out, for this buyback program are now totally defenseless from a home invasion by a real criminal.

This news clip featured on the front page of, the most visited website in the world, for hours today, meaning that millions of viewers now think that legal firearms are in fact “illegal weapons” that should be handed in to police and melted down.

Watch the clip below.

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