Mike Adams
Natural News
Feb 27, 2013

After clearly plotting to set the fire, then setting the fire, then confirming they set the fire, and then burning fugitive Christopher Dorner to death without trial or due process, the LAPD now insists that, “We didn’t start the fire!”

That happens to be the name of a popular 1980’s song by Billy Joel, so of course we couldn’t resist setting the song to a montage of images and video surrounding the LAPD conspiracy to murder Christopher Dorner by burning him to death.

The video is available now on TV.naturalnews.com at this link:

It’s also available on YouTube, although YouTube will probably ban this video very quickly, as they habitually censor free speech that criticizes government (while gladly tolerating videos that erode the moral compass of society).

Until it’s banned there, the YouTube URL is:

Beyond covering the events of the LAPD and Christopher Dorner, the video presents a montage of popular tyrants throughout human history. It shows images of war, the damage to human life caused by Big Pharma, the dangers of vaccines, GMOs and more.

It ends with a compilation of truth-telling freedom fighters including Gerald Celente, Jesse Ventura, Paul Craig Roberts, Ed Griffin and more.

Obviously, the video doesn’t exactly match the lyrics of Billy Joel’s original song, since it was written over two decades ago. But it’s astonishing how “modern” his song really is, even in 2013.

The video parody features Bill Clinton singing, “We didn’t start the fire” in Waco, Texas, plus Obama and his Communist Manifesto, Stalin, Hitler, Kim Jong-Un, children of thalidomide and even Monsanto.

You are encouraged to copy and share this video as quickly as possible, and re-post it under multiple accounts on video services to help guard against censorship of this free speech satire.

This is the latest political parody video from freedom activist Mike Adams, creator of the hugely popular TSA Help Wanted video that dared to make fun of the TSA.

The YouTube video is embedded here; at least until YouTube censors this video:

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