CBS 2 – L.A. | April 14, 2008

LOS ANGELES A cost-efficient counter-terrorism method devised by an LAPD official may become a national model for all police departments, it was reported Monday.

Cmdr. Joan T. McNamara, who heads the Los Angeles Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau, created the counter-terrorism program being reviewed by the federal government, The Times reported.

McNamara revised the investigative report that officers must fill out for crimes, real or suspected, adding a section where they can describe in detail any kind of potential terrorist-related activity, according to the newspaper.

In addition, officers are now required to fill out the forms if they observe suspicious activity, even if a crime wasn’t committed, The Times reported.

LAPD officers use a 65-item checklist that McNamara and her small staff drew up to evaluate suspicious activity, according to The Times.

Federal authorities have urged local police to take the front line in domestic counter-terrorism, but the nation’s 17,000 local law enforcement agencies have gathered information in their own ineffective ways or not at all, according to authorities and experts quoted by the Los Angeles Times.


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