Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder accused Democrats and the mainstream media of using Michael Brown’s death to keep “black people pissed off” to advance their political agendas.

“We are here because the left, the Democrats, the media have a vested interest in keeping black people pissed off, keeping black people believing that racism remains a major problem in America, when, in fact, it does not,” Elder told Laura Ingraham on Tuesday. He added:

We have a black president; he’s been reelected. We have a black attorney general who’s shown no reluctance whatsoever to file lawsuits based upon what he perceives to be a violation of civil rights. There’s no reason to believe that whatever went down in Ferguson, however bad it was, won’t be thoroughly investigated.

In his appearance on The Laura Ingraham Show, Elder said, “It’s a bunch of crap” that people are told they are a “a bigot simply because you happen to be a Republican or happen to be a member of the Tea Party.”

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