January 12, 2012

Larry Ward made an excellent point on CNN “If Blacks had guns, they never would have been Slaves.”

Think about that. It is very true.  If blacks in Africa had been allowed guns then they would have been able to defend themselves against those that were selling them into slavery.

That is an excellent analysis.   People who have no rights to guns throughout modern history have been the ones who are slaves to their country and others.  Look at China, those people make a dollar a day if they are lucky and are in slave factories.   There is case after case of how countries have enslaved their citizens and have committed genocide against them, when they are not able to defend themselves.

For there to even be a discussion of taking our 2nd amendment away if very troubling.  Why do those in this government want to get guns out of the hands of the citizens?  Over a hand full of nuts that went off the deep end?   They were all on anti-depressant medications which seems to be a link that should be examined closer.

The lady obviously had no answer to it and she had to just disregard it saying it was ridiculous because, he was correct.  If blacks had been able to defend themselves than there never would have been slavery and they would never have had to submit to being brought to the U.S. and elsewhere for slave labor.

Imagine had history would have been rewritten had people been able to defend themselves against others of negative intent.

This is why everyone in the world should be allowed gun rights.  Gun rights enables people to defend themselves against all others including their own government against slavery and tyranny.  

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