While it may seem trivial to dwell on diversions such as late night talk shows, these forums have become cultural war zones.

With the influence of mainstream media waning, the rich and self-righteous teleprompter-reading late-night hosts have become the new spokesmen for the establishment, and for the astroturf “resistance.”

Predictable political footballs are thrown out to the audience on a daily basis as the hosts extend Orwell’s two-minutes-of-hate to an endless-tirade-of-hate.

Skirmishes are fought out on these “programs” via psychological warfare and propaganda.

Their Russophobia provides a constant stream of xenophobic and Cold War paranoia-laced jokes expressed in an increasingly shrill, crude and even pornographic manner.

(Stephen Colbert recently referred to the president as “Putin’s cock holster.”)

It is interesting and troubling to note that the late-night comics have become the frontmen and gatekeepers of the Democrat party establishment.

It’s as if their teams of joke writers use DNC talking points as the framework for their monologues.

Kimmel, Colbert, Maher, Noah, and Oliver march in lock-step and are all singing from the same boring hymn notes.

Where are the venues for Republican counterpoints to their arguments on television?

There clearly is a market for a high profile right-wing talk show yet none exists.

Is this proof that the market itself is rigged to provide a political advantage to left-leaning narratives?

Even the daytime talk shows are stacked with progressives.

Ellen is, well, Ellen, and even though there are many brilliant female political minds you are not likely to see them on The View.

The hosts of “The View” unknowingly promote low vibration, deep-state and sociopolitical propaganda.

The psychological warfare and talking points are mindlessly regurgitated after being processed through a group of seemingly damaged brains.

The analysis is made without the benefit of any historical knowledge, political awareness or discernment.

The resulting drivel is then spat upon the poor audience in a shower of “misinfotainment.”

Hell to me would include a television tuned to this program for eternity.

The pompous moralizing and virtue signaling of the talk show hosts may resonate with their own party faithful, but do not resonate with the truth or offer any objective analysis of our current political climate.

They are encouraging consensual paranoia and tribalism.

Kimmel has every right to exploit tragedies to make cheap political points, but his extremely divisive rhetoric is exactly what we do not need during this time.

We are on the precipice of a new civil war and he is gleefully ripping us further apart at every opportunity.

(He has said he has no regrets for alienating those in his audience who disagree with his politics and for losing viewers.)

Late night television is just one virtual battlefield in an information war where half-truths and official fake news pour gasoline on the fires of hatred and division and we become pawns in the great divide and conquer game.

The most extreme political fringe elements do not represent the majority, yet this conflation is made as if it were perfectly rational by Kimmel and his cohorts.

It is dangerous and immoral to dehumanize your political opposition based on the actions of a small group of zealots.

When the political opposition is fully dehumanized they can be killed without guilt or mercy.

When zero energy is devoted to unity or understanding and all energy is spent on division and demonization, war is inevitable. Self-hatred and anti-human or transhuman philosophies may be at the core of this nihilism.

In Jungian terms, the enemy is the shadow self and if you can only destroy him, you will have destroyed the parts of yourselves you despise.

This is how countries die.

The late-night talk show’s merger with the Democrat party establishment and corporate media is an unholy alliance.

This fundamental flaw in our culture guarantees the public will be misinformed in the guise of entertainment.

Despite their constant and strident claims that their party holds the moral and intellectual high ground, as an objective observer, I see no evidence of this.

Nearly all of the hosts of these talk shows openly promoted Hillary Clinton and clearly wish she would have won the presidency.

Having lost the political argument at the polls by nominating the queen of the oligarchy to represent them, they now seek to foment insurrection by waging a culture war.

They actually believe that an astonishingly corrupt warmonger and Wall Street shill like Hillary would virtuously uphold the world’s highest office.

If they spoke truth to power in an even handed way, I would applaud their efforts.

In truth, they ignore the sex crimes of Bill Clinton, the Russian collusion with the Clintons and the rigging of elections by the DNC.

They don’t care about any issue unless it can be spun to make their political enemies look bad.

And there is nothing funny about that.

Anthony Freda

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