The latest crazy idea being bandied around the leftist broadcast media is that President Trump will order a military coup if he loses the election in 2020 and seize dictatorial control.

Yes, it’s nuts, but its being regularly suggested by talking heads on MSNBC and CNN.

The latest to do so is Morning Joe regular Donny Deutsch, who asked viewers to “Imagine two years from now.”

“We will have a close election and let’s say a Democrat wins. We’ve watched this man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump will come out and say, he was already teeing it up in 2016,” Deutsch declared.

He went on to suggest that Trump would declare an election loss ‘fake news’.

“‘No, no, this is wrong to my 50 million people. Take to the streets. These ballots are wrong. The sky is not blue. The sky is green. That will be our biggest constitutional crises…'” Deutsch suggested Trump would say.

“In the sad event he does run and he does lose which will be a happy event, it will be stunning what we would see.” Deutsch continued.

“He would be a president going, I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving. Call the military. We have to look at this man. He really would do that.” Deutsch further exclaimed.

“He would say, no, no, no. I’m still here. And even if they carried him out, he would turn to 50 million Americans and say I’m still your president and this is my new government. This is what we’re dealing with here, kids.” Deutsch claimed.

Deutsch has previously expressed a desire to fight Trump, and has described Trump supporters as Nazi guards, propping up a dictator.

Deutsch isn’t the first to suggest the wacko coup theory. Former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter suggested last year, on MSNBC programming, that Trump is engaged in ‘destroying democracy’ via a coup.

“The commander in chief is Donald Trump,” Painter said. “There is a risk of him using that power to destroy our democracy, whether you call it a coup or anything else. It’s not from the critics of Donald Trump that the danger is posed, it’s the fact that the man who is commander in chief of our military is engaged in obstruction of justice.”

The Trump coup story is also floating around various leftist media websites. In an article for Salon, Yale historian Timothy Snyder declared “It’s pretty much inevitable” that Trump will try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy.

Snyder has suggested that Trump will have his own version of Hitler’s Reichstag fire to expand his power and take full control of the government by declaring a state of emergency.

‘What if Trump stage a coup?’ is a question Salon regularly asks.

Of course, when it is suggested that a coup be staged AGAINST Trump, the unhinged leftists are all for it.

Earlier this year, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen called for the military to overthrow the President:

MSNBC gave Rosie O’Donnell a platform last month to spew vitriol against the President and suggest that he should be removed from the White House by the military:

Unlawfully seizing power is apparently OK if it is in line with a rabidly deranged leftist agenda.

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