Kurt Nimmo
July 21, 2011

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a report warning that “insiders” are likely to conduct a terror attack on a major utility facility, including a chemical or oil refinery. The warning was sent out on Tuesday.

“Based on the reliable reporting of previous incidents, we have high confidence in our judgment that insiders and their actions pose a significant threat to the infrastructure and information systems of U.S. facilities,” the bulletin states. “Past events and reporting also provide high confidence in our judgment that insider information on sites, infrastructure, networks, and personnel is valuable to our adversaries and may increase the impact of any attack on the utilities infrastructure.”

The feds cite a supposed intelligence trove discovered at a house in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed by Navy SEALS. The government has yet to provide conclusive evidence of the assassination and changed important details of its narrative numerous times. Neighbors in Abbottabad said they never saw the six foot five terrorist at the compound where he was allegedly killed and describe the much lauded assassination as a hoax.

Information supposedly gleaned from this unsubstantiated trove is at the heart of the latest DHS effort to frighten Americans into accepting the ongoing conversion of America into a Gestapo police state.

“The only way you can actually kill the large scale number of Americans that [bin Laden] literally was calculating was through the use of this critical infrastructure,” Chad Sweet, former DHS chief of staff and co-founder of the Chertoff Group, told ABC News.

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The Chertoff Group was at the forefront of the effort to sell dangerous radiation emitting naked body scanners to the government and install them at airports. Warnings of impending terrorist attacks from the co-founder of a group that has profited handsomely in the contrived war on manufactured terror and has endangered the public health in the process should be considered suspicious.

“There are a lot of very sensitive facilities where someone can get a job on the inside, can get access to a control room, flip a switch which causes an electric power grid to short circuit, and causes a pipeline to explode,” said another war on terror opportunist, former national security official Richard Clarke.

In order to make the case a terrorist working for cave dwellers may pitch the nation into the dark ages at any minute, the corporate media is exploiting the case of Sharif Mobley, portrayed as an American recruit to al-Qaeda.

The corporate media characterized Mobley as a terrorist after he was arrested in Yemen and later killed a guard during an escape attempt. After it was discovered the New Jersey man had worked as a contract laborer at several U.S. nuclear power plants between 2002 and 2008, the establishment media went into a feeding frenzy of hysterical reporting on imagined threats by al-Qaeda.

Mobley’s lawyer, Cori Crider of the London-based human rights group Reprieve, told the Atlantic City Press he did not behave like a plotting terrorist. He was making plans to return to the United States with his Philadelphia-native wife, his 3-year-old daughter and his newborn son.

Mobley was not conspiring with al-Qaeda, but was in fact attempting to get out of Yemen after authorities allowed the inept so-called underwear bomber to fly from Amsterdam to Detroit. Following the “botched” (choreographed) attack, Muslims in Yemen faced increased scrutiny.

It was never established that Mobley posed a threat to the nuclear plant where he worked. The threat is purely insinuation and propaganda hyped-up by the corporate media as it reads from a Pentagon generated script.

“The whole thing seems very murky to me. There were stories at the time of dozens of foreigners who were rounded up in Yemen. But there was never any follow-up about what happened to them,” said Christopher Boucek, an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The fact Mobley had contact with the new face of Islamic evil, Anwar al-Awlaki, is cited as proof of his connection to al-Qaeda. The former resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is said to be the new Osama bin Laden.

Not mentioned is the fact al-Awlaki was a popular Islamic lecturer who sold millions of CDs before taking a more radical stance toward non-Muslims during the Iraq War. Also not mentioned is the fact he dined at the Pentgagon and his recent behavior demonstrates that he is an intelligence operative recuriting patsies who are used to score propaganda victories in the war on manufactured terror.

Awlaki is a CIA operative Webster Tarpley told Alex Jones in October. Part 2.

DHS spokesman Matthew Chandler admitted that the agency has “no specific, credible intelligence of an imminent threat posed to the private-sector utilities,” but said “several recent incidents [Mobley working at a nuclear plant] highlight the ongoing threat to infrastructure in the utility sectors.”

The DHS bulletin dovetails with government claims that hacker terrorists plan to take out America’s vulnerable power grid. Like the supposed threat to nuclear plants based on an imaginary treasure trove of intelligence grabbed from a CIA created terrorist who in fact died in late 2001, the hacker narrative is based on insinuation, ideologically driven conjecture, and half truth.

The ghost of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda have had almost a decade to launch attacks on the United States, but have failed to do so. The government claims it has foiled a number of terror plots in the making, but when these are more closely examined it is discovered that most were arranged by the FBI through informants and agents provocateurs. The government has a dismal record when it comes to terror related convictions.

In fact, there is little threat to the United States by terrorists. In a free an open society, it would be relatively easy for terrorists to accomplish any number of horrific terror attacks, but this has not happened.

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“Although it remains heretical to say so, the evidence so far suggests that fears of the omnipotent terrorist — reminiscent of those inspired by images of the 20-foot-tall Japanese after Pearl Harbor or the 20-foot-tall Communists at various points in the Cold War (particularly after Sputnik) — may have been overblown, the threat presented within the United States by al Qaeda greatly exaggerated,” writes John Mueller, a professor of political science at Ohio State University. “The massive and expensive homeland security apparatus erected since 9/11 may be persecuting some, spying on many, inconveniencing most, and taxing all to defend the United States against an enemy that scarcely exists.”

More to the point, the DHS keeps releasing these patently absurd terror bulletins and warnings primarily to condition the public to the fantasy that al-Qaeda is still out there. An exaggerated ten foot tall al-Qaeda has been used now for over a decade – since Clinton and the embassy bombings in Africa – to propagandize the public as the government continues to build a massive police state (complete with a high-tech surveillance apparatus) and conduct bogus and illegal wars in geostrategic regions of the world.

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