A blond-haired Frenchman has appeared in the latest Islamic State video threatening new terrorist attacks in the west.

The man, whose eyes are uncovered but whose features and hair can be seen through a pale balaclava, is then shown shooting in the head a man accused of being a spy. Four other Isis jihadis each shoot another prisoner. The Frenchman is dressed in camouflage fatigues and the others are in black.

He talks in French of the enemies of Isis and tells them to expect something that will “make them forget September 11 and Paris”. He also speaks of Spain and Portugal and states that Isis is seeking the return of Al-Andalus – the name of the Iberian peninsula dominated by Muslims between the 8th and 15th centuries – and the cities of Toledo and Cordoba.

The eight-minute video, thought to have been filmed in northern Iraq, showed the five prisoners speaking in Arabic.

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