Straight from the bombed out hellhole of al-Raqqah on the banks of the Euphrates, the Islamic State brings you another exclusive video.

The Islamic State has invested some of the money earned from stolen oil, looted antiquities and Gulf Emirate charitable contributions on expensive video editing workstations and software.

The latest production taunts America, calls Russia and France a “coalition of devils,” pegs Bill Clinton a “fornicator,” mocks the suicides of American veterans and says the US is too weak and feeble to put boots on the ground in Syria.

Near the end of the video the Islamic State dares “all of you,” or just about every country in the world, to “bring it on.”

As we have pointed out for a couple years now, the Islamic State is a creation of the military-industrial complex and its phalanx of intelligence agencies. It is funded largely by Wahhabi fanatics in the Middle East.

The objective, as pointed out in DIA documents, is the creation of a Salafist principality in Syria and a new and improved Sykes-Picot arrangement preferable to the financial and global elite.

The final showdown between IS and the West is now taking shape. It may result in a conflict of end-times proportion between the United States, Britain, France and Russia. Or it may turn into a smoldering long term war to rival the decade long death projects in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

One thing is certain: a war requiring hundreds of thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars of investment will ultimately destroy an already teetering economy and finish the task of turning America into a high-tech surveillance police state.

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