NPR has dug up the equivalent of Gandhi’s old tweets and denounced him as a racist.

That’s right; Gandhi is cancelled!

“While Gandhi is deeply revered as a spiritual and political leader, people are now scrutinizing his sexual practices and his early writings in South Africa, which many black Africans are calling racist,” NPR tweeted.

According to the article, “many black Africans are calling Gandhi a racist” and “#MeToo activists are questioning his sexual practices.”

So Gandhi, the godfather of civil disobedience and an inspiration for the civil rights movement, wasn’t woke enough.

The source of the contention appears to be Gandhi’s view, which was widespread at the time he lived, that Africans were uncivilized.

“In 1903, when Gandhi was in South Africa, he wrote that white people there should be “the predominating race.” He also said black people “are troublesome, very dirty and live like animals,” reports NPR.

It doesn’t appear to matter that Gandhi subsequently became an avowed anti-racist, but then again, cancel culture isn’t known for its capacity for forgiveness.

The #MeToo charge against Gandhi is that he once slept naked with his teenage grandniece to test his willpower to abstain from sex, which is “abuse” by today’s standards.

Respondents to the NPR tweet were unimpressed.

“Let’s go back in history and judge everyone by modern day morals so we can cancel them all!” commented one.

“The same black Africans that for centuries have been killing each other for belonging to different tribes?” asked another.

“This is like lambasting people who 200 years ago for not knowing how a computer works,” added another.


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