Fox News’ Laura Ingraham was recently the victim of a leftist boycott campaign. Which was spearheaded by our favorite chinless anti-gun crusader, Lil’ Davey Hogg. The Hoggster managed to make Ingraham bleed sponsors in the hope of unpersoning her from the airwaves.

Welp, I’ve got bad news for Dave. Not only was the boycott ineffective, Laura actually gained a whole crap ton of viewers:

A funny thing has happened since the Left began its campaign to drive Fox News host Laura Ingraham off the air: Her ratings are up, a lot — by more than 20 percent compared to her last week on the air before the current controversy began.

Ingraham’s viewers apparently feel the same way. Since Ingraham returned from vacation on April 9, total viewership of her program has averaged about 2.7 million (Monday through Thursday; Friday’s numbers are not available).

Compare that to the ratings from March 26 through March 29, the Monday through Thursday just prior to the boycott: That week, Ingraham’s total viewership averaged 2.23 million. The increase in her ratings since the boycott began is more than 20 percent.

Something tells me those aren’t the numbers the left was hoping for.

Mike Tyson

Had those leftist butt-breaths simply called Laura Ingraham a douche and went on their merry way, life would have gone on as normal. Instead, the lefties blew a simple criticism out of proportion and drew all sorts of attention to Laura. Now, the boycott is backfiring like Buck Russell’s hoopdie. Laura has some new fans, and the lefties are left looking like dummies. As usual.

Even Laura’s sponsors are starting to reconsider the nose-thumbing they gave her. Most likely because they had the epiphany that 80-pound effete tweens aren’t really a hardware franchise’s target demographic.

The left thought their cute boycott would accomplish something, and it did. Laura Ingraham will no doubt be thanking them all the way to the check-cashing facility.

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