July 18, 2012

Military Industrial Complex Darling Neustar is using loopholes to bypass privacy regulations and sell cell phone tracking data to law enforcement and marketers.

Born out of the Military Industrial Complex’s Lockheed Martin, one of the government’s largest defense contractor’s, Delaware based Neustar has data on nearly every cell in America.

Due to their role as middle man in Uncle Sam’s multi-billion spy network Neustar has built a cozy relationship with law enforcement agencies across the country who tap the company records when they want to track you or to discover were you have been.

This of course comes with caveat that since the company isn’t a cell phone carrier regulations that prevent carriers from handing over your data to third parties doesn’t apply to Neustar.

As RT reports in the two videos below, the company has become an intelligence agency for hire for law enforcement agencies and the go to source for marketers who want to aggressively put localized ads in front of your face no matter were you are located.

The report raises serious constitutional and consumer privacy concerns about the companies relationship with law enforcement and marketing agencies.

Neustar is spying on Americans for the government?

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