This is not something we’ve actively reported on or aggressively tracked, but I’m planning on shining some light on who most aggressively lobbies against bills to advance liberty and/or reject federal power. In almost every situations, it’s law enforcement.  And while many conservatives, for example, hold these folks in such high regard that they’re almost seen in a religious light, they’re the ones behind the scenes getting the most important bills voted down.

This week, law enforcement fear-mongering in Montana told legislators that banning resources to NSA spying would help child pornographers.

In response, 2 YES votes switched sides today and the Montana House killed HB443 on final read by a vote of 49-51. Legislators are a major problem, and many of them don’t have a clue about the legal ramifications for bills, or the Constitutional issues at hand. So they just do what they’re told, and most of the time if law enforcement tells them something, they do it.

Law enforcement is part of the surveillance state. They’re not on our side.

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