A lawyer suing Facebook Inc. in Austria has received an outpouring of support, The Guardian reported.

Max Schrems, 26, an Austrian Facebook gadfly for years, is attracting support of Europeans who believe that Facebook is violating privacy laws on the continent by tracking users’ presence on other Internet sites and by cooperating in the U.S. intelligence community’s PRISM spy program revealed by former National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to the newspaper. reports.

Reuters reported Wednesday that 25,000 people had joined in the group suing Facebook.

However, Schrems reports on his website that the actual number is well over 25,000.

Schrems told the Guardian that over 7,000 people each day have been registering their support for the case through his website and, “We were well prepared for this huge amount of claims. Nevertheless, we have to limit the claims after this short time, because we will have to verify and administer every individual claim.”

The majority, 5,287, come from Germany, while 944 U.K. residents, 162 Irish, 3,712 Austrians, 2,438 Dutch, 1,179 Finns and 1,106 Croatians signed up, according to the latest available figures.

“With this number of participants, we have a great basis to stop complaining about privacy violations and actually do something about it. If we are successful, the outcome will, of course, have a positive impact on all users,” Schrems told the Guardian.

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