San Francisco State University (SFSU) has fostered a “pervasively hostile” environment for Jewish and Israeli students despite several complaints filed with the school over the past nine months, according to attorneys for seven plaintiffs who say they have faced discrimination on campus.

In an amended federal lawsuit filed against the university on Friday, the Lawfare Project, a non-profit pro-Israel legal think tank, charged that SFSU “knowingly and intentionally discriminated against Jewish and Israeli students and community members, and failed to protect their civil rights and physical safety.”

The plaintiffs allege that school administrators have done nothing to respond to increasing threats against students since legal proceedings began in June. The amended complaint augments earlier charges under California’s Public Records Act that SFSU refused to release detailed findings of an investigation looking into one of the instances of discrimination in violation of the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

Shachar Ben-David, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and the latest plaintiff in the case, contends the university “repeatedly ignored and belittled” the harassment she and her peers faced on campus.

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