Roadblock Revelations
April 26, 2010

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In an article titled, DHS accomplices face legal liability, Checkpoint USA’s seven year lawsuit against several tribal police officers was recently mentioned on the Identity Project’s website. The article also references several other pending cases involving local police acting on behalf of Department of Homeland Security agencies such as the TSA.

In all the cases referenced in the article, the courts have been dismissing charges against federal agencies but have allowed the lawsuits to proceed against local and state actors. The primary reason appearing to be because local and state actors are playing the largest role in civil rights violations, even if they are taking their marching orders so to speak from federal agents.

The gist of the article highlights this evolving relationship between local, state and federal enforcement jurisdictions. A relationship I’ve only lightly touched upon in this blog. Specifically local jurisdictions, many with their hands out in search of federal homeland security grants, are increasingly acting contrary to the best interests of the local populations they serve and more on behalf of the federal behemoth known as the Department of Homeland Security.

I hope to cover this issue in greater detail in the months to come and (thanks to links from readers) I’ve included several articles below highlighting this evolving enforcement trend.

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