Michael Kelley
Business Insider
August 15, 2012

On Aug. 4 Robert Stolarik, a freelance photographer for The New York Times, was arrested and charged with obstructing government administration and with resisting arrest while photographing the arrest of a teenage girl.

Journalists experienced similar treatment during the NYPD’s early morning raid of Zuccotti Park, at the NATO summit in Chicago in May and at Occupy protests across the country.

Mickey H. Osterreicher, a former press photographer and the lawyer for the National Press Photographers Association, spoke with Times writer James Estrin Tuesday about the criminalization of photography.


Osterreicher told The New York Times:

We look at the images that come out of Syria and Libya where people risk their lives in order to get images out. Most of those images that we’ve seen are coming from citizens with their cellphones. They risk their lives, and we consider those efforts heroic. And yet in this country, somebody doing the very same thing is considered suspect. I have a real problem with that.

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