Populist leader Marine Le Pen demanded that President Emmanuel dissolve France’s parliament after she dealt the globalist a humiliating defeat in the EU parliamentary elections.

According to the latest vote count, Le Pen’s National Rally has secured 23.3% of the vote compared to 22.4% for Macron’s En Marche party.

Turnout was up 10% on 2014, particularly in areas of France where Le Pen has gained ground in recent years and where her policies have resonated with segments of the Yellow Vest movement.

The defeat is particularly humiliating for Macron because before the vote he said that anything other than first place would represent a failure.

“For Macron this was a defining election and it’s him who made it like that,” said Bernard Sananes, president of Elabe polling institute. “Finishing second would mean a sense of isolation in Europe.”

“The French have placed the National Rally at the top of the European elections. I see the people’s victory, who with pride and dignity have retaken power this evening,” said Le Pen, adding, “A widespread movement for an alternative is born.”

The National Front leader is now calling for Macron to dissolve parliament, asserting that the political scene is now firmly “split between nationalists and globalists.”

“The president has no other choice but to dissolve the National Assembly and allow for a more democratic voting system in order to better represent this country’s majority political opinion,” said Le Pen.

Macron’s presidential victory in 2017 was hailed as a victory for globalism and the beginning of the end for populism.

Reality begs to differ.

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